Preparing for the Amazon Data Scientist Interview: A Comprehensive Guide


The path to master the Amazon data scientist interview requires intensive preparation. With this guide, we will walk you through what to expect and how to strategically prepare for the process.

Understanding the Role of a Data Scientist at Amazon

A data scientist at Amazon is expected to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. They wrangle data, build models, and translate complex findings into actionable business strategies. A key part of the role is the ability to communicate these findings effectively to stakeholders.

Grasping the Amazon Leadership Principles

Amazon’s Leadership Principles play a central role in their culture. You need to have a deep understanding of these principles and be ready to demonstrate how you have applied them in your work. The principles include customer obsession, ownership, insist on the highest standards, and think big, among others.

Amazon Data Scientist Interview Process

The process for the Amazon data scientist interview generally consists of a phone screen, followed by onsite interviews. The onsite interviews are further split into multiple rounds with different members of the team.

Preparation for the Initial Screening Round

In the initial screening round, you’ll be assessed on your past work experiences, knowledge of data handling, and coding abilities. Practice SQL and Python, and brush up on your data visualization skills. Revise basic statistical concepts and machine learning algorithms.

Casual Chat

A casual chat with the hiring manager offers an opportunity to understand team dynamics, projects, and work culture. You can also express your interest and motivation for the role.

Deep Dive into the Onsite Interview

Onsite interviews are an intense process where your technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fittingness are scrutinized. Prepare to delve deep into your work experiences, coding abilities, and data modeling skills.

Round 1: Coding Interview

The coding round tests your capability to write and optimize code. Codility is often used for this. Brush up on SQL and Python, especially data manipulation packages like Pandas and Numpy.

Round 2: Machine Learning Principles

Here your understanding and application of machine learning principles are tested. Be ready to answer questions about bias-variance tradeoff, overfitting, regularization, different types of algorithms, and more.

Round 3: Designing a Data-Driven Solution

In this round, you’ll be given a business problem and you must propose a data-driven solution. This demonstrates your ability to apply machine learning concepts and derive value from data.

Round 4: Behavioral Round

Here you’ll be evaluated against Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Prepare stories from your past experiences that exemplify these principles.

Final Round: Statistical Inference and A/B Testing

Expect questions on probability, statistical inference, and A/B testing. Understanding the fundamentals of these areas is a prerequisite for a data scientist role at Amazon.

Last Thoughts

By the end of this rounds, interviewers will evaluate your ability to make an impact on the company’s future. Be ready to showcase data-driven solutions to real-world challenges, and speak confidently about your past experiences.

Tips for Success

Success lies in deliberate preparation. Have a clear understanding of Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Combine theory and practice by solving coding problems, working on data sets, and understanding machine learning models. Lastly, be ready to translate complex data analytics into relatable business propositions.


With intensive preparation and practice, you can ace the Amazon data scientist interview! This guide aims to support you in this endeavor by providing relevant and practical insights.

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